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Present (May ‘19)

I currently live in Fort Greene in Brooklyn, New York.

I am Senior Director of Digital Design at Casper in NYC. I run a small team of designers and researchers. We work on product and service development aimed at helping people get the most from their sleep. Most recently, we shipped Glow - a magical light for better sleep. Time called it ‘your ticket to sweet dreams’ and Forbes said it was their favorite gadget of 2019.

I am trying to be more considered about what things are essential to me and genuinely matter. I just moved apartment and it feels good to take a more considered approach to what we are bringing into the new space.

I am recovering from torn muscles in my right leg from playing Jiu Jitsu. I am just starting to do some PT and light exercise after 4 weeks on the couch - attempting to rebuild some strength and flexibility. It meant I hit pause on boxing at a point where I was moving really well which is a shame.

I have taken a bit of a break from reading heavily as I have had a lot going on and not had the headspace. I am jut getting back in the flow with Kitchen Confidential and Mindset.

I have become addicted to Luther.