Weekly Tings

Theres been a lot going on in the US and the UK the last two weeks that overall have felt a bit depressing. So... have this GIF

But, there are two things that have really struck me; 

  • Just how irrational it seems to take a step towards isolationism and protectionism, when today, the world is obviously interconnected through technology, ease of travel as well as global issues such as conflict, climate change. These are clearly problems that require global solutions and mean that governments have responsibilities to the world, not solely their sovereign nation. On this basis, and to try and get a sense of what an alternative system and way forward looks like I have been reading Peter Singer's - One world now: The Ethics of Globalization. I highly recommend it as a way to try and make ethical sense of where you might stand in this mess, the complexities of the world, and a sketch of a way forward. 
  • How by creating a sense of unease, fear anxiety and coupling that with a narrative about today being a unique moment in history, powerful people are able to get support for and get away with things that in other times would be deemed unthinkable and immoral. I re-read Giorgio Agamben's - State of Exception this week that talks about this process and its politics amazingly well (although a bit academic) and also would recommend the book - Seeing like a state

On a lighter note - Victor lent me 'Let My People Go Surfing' - which so far is great. Really positive book about doing business differently. 

In addition to this I wanted to share a bit from Utopia/ Dystopia conference I was at last week at ADO in Greenpoint. In particular I wanted to share what I got from Yves Behar from Fuseproject. He did a talk entitled '10 Principles of Good Design in the age of AI and Robotics' - referencing Dieter Rams. 

I found the talk really inspiring and really reassuring. Id love to go into more detail with y'all at some point and I feel a blog post coming on, but for now Fast Co have summarized it here