Weekly Tings

  • These Fake Flyers are cool.

  • Wavey Garms instagram feed for you UK street fashion fix. They have also released a book.
  • There is a thing called “agnotology”. It is the study of how ignorance is deliberately produced. Link. 

  • Design in tech report - useful reference on where industry is at, skills, jobs etc. Thought lots was very interesting. In terms of skills for product designers, he talks about unicorns not just being designers who code, but also designers who can write. Fully agree. 

  • The Tyranny of Strucutrelessness - as posted in design and NYC All. I think its really interesting about the pros and cons of structure, different kinds of structures for different contexts, and how structureless hides power. 

  • Been refreshing myself with all things Humanism this week - this organization is worth a look for anyone interested. 

  • My colleaugue Jason keeps referencing this when we are talking about projects. Its a really useful reference. 
  • I read this book on Practical Design Discovery this week. Its really good, pragmatic guide. What I also like, and have been trying to encourage here is that Discovery should be practiced as both understanding requirements in context, whilst also doing some exploration: considering different solutions to address those requirements. It’s through the tension between trying to understand the problem and trying to solve the problem that the team gets a clear vision of the design direction. This is what I have been encouraging on short projects and its good to see it here articulated very well. It also chimes a lot with the way Daniel Burka talks about research being used at Google Ventures here. Fast, Actionable, Immediate.