Makerversity is a making and learning company that provides work and education space for start-up making businesses, and applied learning opportunities. We exist to support emerging practice and start-up businesses as well as learning and employability opportunities for young people. Part of our goals for the business is focused on delivering education and employability opportunities for young people. Our work so far has been quite broad - we have experimented with everything from offering one off classes, longer term projects and programs, internship and apprentice opportunities and online learning.  

MV DIY Programmes

Delivering applied learning with partners

The aim of the programs combine practical hands on learning as well as creative and critical thinking. The programs focus on demystification - exposing the participants to a range of processes and methods. As well as this the program is designed to introduce participants to a range of professionals who are working in jobs that previously would have been unfamiliar or may have been seen as out of reach. We have worked with a variety of partners to develop the content and work with the young people including Autodesk, The Princes Trust, Pearson and The I Am Angel foundation. 


Workshop Design and Delivery

MV DIY - Digital Learning

Open Content for Teachers/ Students


Experimentation and Investment

Makerversity has begun to combine all the lessons we have had from our learning work, as well as running a successful making community. We have run a number of projects and programs aimed at incubating great ideas, encouraging experimentation and investing in great ideas. This includes specifically design programs with Innovate UK and the Design Council and Selfridges, as well as supporting emerging makers who need a leg up with financial, business and strategic support.